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Transnational Exchange III - Repatriation Counselling in European Dialogue

Das Bild zeigt Herrn Bauer bei der Begrüßung der Trans III Workshop Teilnehmer.

The Transnational Exchange III Project follows succinctly its predecessor Trans II project with the title “International Exchange to improve reintegration measures in countries of origin” from 2013. The presentations mainly focused on the topics of monitoring of returnees and networks amongst the European Assisted Voluntary Return providers. Based upon the results of the discussions necessary steps for the operational counselling service were compiled. Additionally, five reintegration organizations presented their work concerning the support after the return as well as two cooperation projects. New relations could be built, old ones continued and deepened.

During the execution of the two predecessor projects it became clear that a ‘successful’ return and a sustainable reintegration is dependent on several conditions and aspects. Good-quality counselling with a consequential clear understanding of the perspectives in the home and host country prior to the departure as well as individual support after the return play an essential role for a sustainable return. Therefore, the participants of the Trans III workshops and conferences comprise of European repatriation counsellors, network representatives, politicians and reintegration partners from countries of origin. The Transnational Exchange III Project will especially focus on the topic of repatriation counselling for vulnerable returnees. Vulnerability in the field of assisted voluntary return encompasses a great array from mentally and physically ill persons to single parents to persons with a long absence of the home country.

In order to develop recommendations for the counselling case studies and work visits will also be implemented within the three year duration of the project. Using its findings and information in combination with the exchange during the workshop and conferences the counselling process shall be simplified and professionalized. These sources of information will be accessible to European return counsellor. The goal is to achieve less dropouts of planned returns, a greater sustainability of the departures and more return numbers (a quantitative amelioration).


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