European Dialogue

Transnational Exchange III Conference 1

The first Transnational Exchange III Conference took place in Augsburg from the 22nd - 24th of November 2016. 82 participants (staff and speakers included) from 16 countries congregated to discuss the topic of assistance of traumatized and mentally ill returnees in depths. The agenda of the conference comprised an overview of the current repatriation counselling structure in ten European countries, an exchange with four reintegration partners, a training for dealing with traumatized and mentally ill returnees in the pre-departure process and an exchange with government representatives with regard to assisted voluntary return counselling standards against the background of the above mentioned vulnerable groups.

AVR Systems in Norway, France and Estonia

AVR System in Switzerland

AVR System in Sweden

AVR System in the Netherlands

AVR System in Germany

AVR System in Denmark

AVR System in Belgium

AVR System in Austria